50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Patsy Stone – Absolutely Fabulous

Can I please be Patsy Stone when I grow up? She is the funniest, sharpest, booziest woman I know, and it’s the absolutely (most fabulous) thing I’ve ever seen. She has overcome a tragically menacing childhood to become the monolithic being that she is today.

She has a well-paying job in which she has to do very little, which leaves her time to live the very best life she can. This usually entails day drinking, snarky insults, and shopping for those pantsuits and hairspray.

Completely unafraid to display her vanity and pretension, Patsy would throw her drink in your face for insulting her but she doesn’t want to waste it. You have to admire a woman who dresses in a costume almost every day. That takes an incredible commitment. And you also must love someone who can accessorize any outfit with a bottle of Stoli and make it look swanky and modern.

She is my inspiration and not just because she’s quick with a witty comeback, her dance moves only improve with every drink, or she’s fine with indulging in the occasional ugly cry. She’s just a walking badass who always looks like she’s been frozen in time, pickled in gin, or carved out of wax.