50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Aria Montgomery – Pretty Little Liars

I don’t know how you looked in high school, but I was about as far from Aria Montgomery as a girl from West Georgia could get. Aria looks like she’s been dressed by a stylist every day, and has more clothes and shoes that women twice her age with an actual income.

Part of what we love about Pretty Little Liars is its fantasy elements. One of the most obvious is the stylishness of these young women, especially Aria. She must have an entire closet devoted almost entirely to over-the-knee socks and clunky heels. It’s tough being in high school and having to look like a 28 year old.

I imagine you would need to have a variety of outfits when you’re constantly running and hiding from a serial killer, hellbent on eliminating you and your friend group.  Aria’s edgy, rocker style proves handy when they need all black clothing for skulking.

Of all the liars, Aria’s look is more avant garde than the rest. Black mesh, dark lipstick, and gritty patterns are all part of her signature look, and it only heightens her offbeat character. She’s also the most appropriately dressed for all the mischief and homicidal shenanigans.