Girls Livestream: Watch The Girls Series Finale Online


The last-ever episode of Girls is airing on HBO tonight.  Here’s what you need to know to watch the series finale online.

It’s hard to believe that after six years, Girls is ending.  The show that brought us non-thin women in lead roles, Star Wars‘s new villain, and constant tone-deaf thinkpieces.  The series has consistently given us hyper-self-aware satire, even when some of its detractors didn’t get it.  And even then, the commitment of the writers and actors to the characters resulted in some of the most heartbreakingly honest and emotional moments of the last six years of TV.

This season has been all about tying up loose ends.  Most recently, Girls said goodbye to Jessa and Shoshanna in a perfect penultimate-episode send-off.  When the core four agreed to “call it” re: their friendship, we knew it had been a long time coming.  But seeing the four of them dancing together and ultimately enjoying themselves afterwards gave us a microcosm of what the show has always really been about.  Friendships are hard and complicated and difficult, and you’re not always going to stay friends.  But even when it makes the most sense to say goodbye, it doesn’t mean you stop loving each other.

It looks like Marnie will still be in the last episode, based on Lena Dunham’s since-deleted Instagram post saying goodbye to Shosh and Jessa.  But HBO gives us little to go on for this last episode.  In a press release, the network gave this description for the finale, entitled “Latching”:

"Hannah (Lena Dunham) embarks on a new chapter."

So far, we have seen Hannah say goodbye to Jessa, Shoshanna, Adam, and possibly Elijah.  We know she’s moving out of the city to take a teaching job in upstate New York.  And we know that her baby boy is on his way into the world.  The title, “Latching,” is a term that typically refers to a baby nursing.  But it could also mean that we see Hannah adjusting to and coming to love her new life.  Her journey from desperate, awkward unpaid intern to confident, somewhat fulfilled writer/teacher/single mom has been unexpected, to say the least.  But laughing and crying with her along the way has made me root for her.  So I hope we get to see Hannah settle into being happy.

How to watch online:

Date: Sunday, March 26
Start Time: 10 p.m. ET
Episode: Latching
TV Channel: HBO
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2


Girls airs every Sunday night on HBO at 10/9c.  Come back Monday morning to check out our episode recap and review!