Star Wars: The Last Jedi: 7 Questions After the Trailer

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Still from The Last Jedi teaser trailer. Image via Disney/Lucasfilm

3. Is Rey Going to Have Another Vision?

We’ve seen a glimpse of something like the above before. If you’ll recall, during Rey’s vision in The Force Awakens, we see what we presume is a hooded Luke Skywalker putting a hand on R2-D2. In The Last Jedi‘s teaser, we see the same hooded figure dropping to his knees as the structure ahead of him burns.

Is it too easy to assume that it’s a Jedi Temple or an equivalent thereof, and that we’re seeing the First Order and/or Kylo Ren send Luke off into hiding? (We say “the First Order” because the next shot is of Captain Phasma leading her stormtroopers out of the flames.)

But let’s assume that we’ve just about put together what this is actually showing. If it’s true, then this is something in the past. In voiceover, Luke asks Rey what she sees, and she does say both “light” and “darkness.” Could part of that darkness be seeing the destruction of Luke’s attempt at a new Jedi Order?

However, we could also simply see this in a flashback from Luke’s perspective. It seems too simple that way, though. If Rey opens her mind more to the Force, it might very well show this to her … especially if it also reveals something about her own past.