Star Wars: The Last Jedi: 7 Questions After the Trailer

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Still from The Last Jedi trailer. Image via Disney/Lucasfilm

2. How Much Training Has Rey Gone Through?

Although Rey appears to be wearing the same clothes we saw her in at the end of The Force Awakens, that doesn’t mean much as to how long she may have spent on Ahch-To. After all, quite a lot of the trailer seems to show her and Luke on the same planet, with the ocean crashing around them and all the craggy rocks.

But how long will she spend on the planet? During the panel, Mark Hamill cracked jokes about how Luke had “dropped out of school,” referring to his leaving Dagobah midway through The Empire Strikes Back in order to help Leia, Han, and Chewbacca on Bespin (and then proceeding to learn Darth Vader was his father, which probably counts as a lesson or something).

It seems like a bit of a throwaway line, but maybe Rey pulls something similar. After all, we do see the Millennium Falcon in flight during one shot from the trailer, and right now, she’s its primary pilot.

Then again, maybe this time, the student does not leave the teacher behind. Luke’s dropped things to help his sister before, even if he didn’t know she was his sister at the time. Who’s to say he won’t do it again, especially if he hears what his nephew’s been up to lately?