Orphan Black Dropped Its Final Trailer for Season 5 and It’s Time to Fight


If you were concerned about how intense Orphan Black’s final season was going to be, watch the final trailer and think again. Because it’s time to fight.

Orphan Black is getting ready to take us on one last ride. The fifth and final season will air starting in June and BBC America’s getting a little bolder with their content. They want us to know that the clones are alive (Yes, Sarah will be just fine), but the biggest fight of their lives is on its way. Because it’s the final season, Orphan Black has no choice but to end it all right here in its last ten episodes.

Of course, we all have a lot of questions. So many opposers and contenders have entered the ring, so many clones have been lost … but Sarah, Alison Hendrix, Cosima Niehaus and Helena have not forgotten anyone and will not back down — even if they have to face Rachel, and worse, their creator.

When the season ended, we know it was time to meet the original Neoloutionist. But no surprise, he’s pretty much absent from the new trailer. Instead, the clone club puts themselves front and center to remind us all how far they’ve come. And how much they’ve survived.

The message is simple, straightforward and pretty intense:

"“From the very start, they hunted us, controlled us, used us, betrayed us. But they could not break us. Now, we fight.”"

Obviously, the past four seasons have been a strategic battle of wits. But I’m pretty sure all the clones are ready to get down and dirty. Especially since they’re probably all really tired of almost dying. And since Cosima has discovered a cure and been reunited with Delphine, they have all the reason in the world to stay alive.

So watch the trailer below and get ready.

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Orphan Black returns on June 10 for its final season.