Orphan Black: See the Return of All Your Favorites in First Season 5 Stills


Orphan Black released some new photos that gives fans a good clue as to what all our favorite clones will be up to when the fifth and final season debuts.

Earlier this morning, the Orphan Black crew tweeted that we were going to get some new photos “soon.” But less than thirty minutes later, they sent out a follow up tweet with a generous look at all the clones.

There’s so much to discuss, so let’s just go in clockwise in order. Which means, we get to start with —

Cosima and Delphine:

For the majority of the fourth season, nobody knew if Delphine survived being shot in the middle of the parking garage by an unknown assailant. But by the end of the season, that mystery was answered as we learned she was living with a tribe of neolutionists. And after Rachel lost her damn mind, Cosima — almost dead from hypothermia — stumbled upon said tribe, where she and Delphine were reunited. Before she was shot, Delphine sacrificed their relationship to dedicate her time to finding a cure and saving the clones. But now that Cosima’s found one, hopefully, this means they will pick up where they left off and have a happy ending.


Helena up and left the Hendrix home last season after realizing that her stay with Donnie and Alison brought more trouble than help. Unfortunately, it meant that she was on her own again. And it’s arguable that Helena needs her sestras more than any other clone. She needs guidance … and a hug. Several hugs, in fact.

Alison and Felix:

Alison’s storylines are probably the most complex because she’s all over the place. And Donnie has stopped trying to keep her grounded. Because of everything they got caught up in during the campaign, Donnie even spent some time in prison. But maybe that’ll teach them not to mess around with illegal contraband. Though, I rather Felix do illegal things with Alison than with Sarah.

Ah, yes, Sarah:

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.

Where even to begin with her? In the season 4 finale, she let crazy, crippled Rachel beat the crap out of her as Ferdinand captured Siobhan and Kira. Basically, it looked like Sarah was as close to death as possible. But since she’s the main clone, she’s obviously going to bounce back. And thanks to these pictures, it looks like Rachel will help put her back together. At least, for a little bit.

Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) in ‘Orphan Black’ Season 5. Image Provided by BBCA.

BBC has even more official photos, too. 

Sarah looks fine, and more importantly, so do Kira and Mrs. S. And it looks like Castor’s in play once again, and Crystal will be included in more schemes. I’m super excited.

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The final season of Orphan Black premieres on June 10.