20 Of The Best Comics Superhero Costumes

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Ghost Rider (Image via Marvel)

A costume can make or break a superhero. You can have all of the flying and laser vision you want, but if you’re in the wrong outfit? Forget about it.

What exactly makes a good superhero costume? Naturally, that definition will vary from hero to hero, not to mention fan to fan. I personally tend to like costumes that have some degree of practicality. Features like boob windows and high heels are right out, both for the silliness of fighting evil in stilettos and the obvious sexism.

Though, feel free to let me know if they ever put Batman in heels. Bruce Wayne could probably make it work in the Batsuit. You know, Batgirl doesn’t have to have all the sartorial fun. Just saying.

Costumes should also be eye-catching and unique to their wearer. Bright colors usually fit the bill, though they’re not required. Small features matter, too. For example, make Black Panther’s cat ears just a tiny bit bigger, and the King of Wakanda starts to look downright cuddly. Clearly, though, no one’s going to dare make that mistake.

Now, there are some exceptions. If you’re a legacy character, you can get away with a few things. After all, Superman likes to fly around in bright red underwear. These high-waisted undies are also inexplicably worn on the outside of a skintight blue bodysuit. Maybe that’s a sign of strength or beauty or something on Krypton. Maybe he got distracted when he was dressing that morning. Probably he doesn’t care because he’s, you know, Superman.

Superman is an exception, though. In the world of superpowered people, you’ve got to make a good first impression.

Of course, there are many different opinions as to what makes a “good” costume. That means that, for this article, I usually went with my gut instinct. Naturally, that means that many people are likely to disagree. That’s completely fine! There’s plenty of room for polite disagreement. So, read on to see if you agree with my estimation of the twenty best superhero costume.