Is There a New Saturday Night Live on Tonight, April 8?


For weeks we have missed Saturday Night Live. We’ve longed for the wit and jokes from the show but the question is, is it back this week?

Saturday Night Live has vanished from our television sets for quite some time now. We’ve waited and hoped for a new episode week after week and now finally, the wait is over. Tonight we shall have a brand new SNL and oh boy do they have material to go through!

For those who have forgotten how long the show was off the air, Scarlett Johansson was the last host three weeks ago. And surprisingly, a lot has happened in those three weeks with the Trump campaign and everything going on in our country right now.

So it seems as if the writers of Saturday Night Live will have quite the kitty to pull from. They won’t have to worry too much because the insanity of the last three weeks should give them all the source material they could ever want and more.

But this week also brings the brand new policy of SNL being broadcast live throughout the entire country. Meaning that Hawaii, California, Chicago and New York all are going to be watching the show live and the tweeting extravaganza will commence. We might end up blowing up Twitter with all our thoughts on the sketches but hey, at least we’ll all be watching Saturday Night Live together.

Check out how to watch Saturday Night Live and for live stream details below:

Date: Saturday, April 8, 2017

Start time: 11:30 p.m. EST
Episode: “Louis C.K;  The Chainsmokers”
TV Channel: NBC
Live Stream: Stream 1 Stream 2


New episodes of Saturday Night Live air every Saturday at 11:30pm Eastern Standard Time. Check back here on Culturess for the recap of each episode after they air!