Poldark Season 3 Has to Wait Until the Fall


Alas, even though Poldark season 3 will premiere this summer in the United Kingdom, the American fans have to wait an extra few months.

Take some deep breaths, Poldark enthusiasts. You’re going to need them for this news. Yesterday, it came out that BBC One would premiere the third season in June. At the time, we speculated that it would be closer to last season in terms of the U.S. delay, and so Americans would get more Aidan Turner by June or perhaps July at the latest.

Unfortunately, PBS has dashed those hopes against the magnificent cliffs of Cornwall.

Season 3 will instead air in the United States starting on October 1. That’s over a year between the premiere of the last season and the second, which, we suppose, makes some modicum of sense based on the general U.S. TV schedule. However, it also means that the show will likely have a brief hiatus again around Thanksgiving.

Presumably, PBS has its reasons for delaying Poldark for nearly five months. It just doesn’t make sense for a rather devoted fanbase to have to wait an extra length of time.

Additionally, it will make avoiding spoilers a rather difficult endeavor. Americans who don’t want to know everything may want to unfollow or mute the official Poldark Twitter account now instead of later; they’ve been known to post spoilers rather quickly. Yes, that includes photos and clips.

In the meantime, it may be best for fans of the series to pick up the original novels by Winston Graham. The first two seasons span the first four novels, so the recommended reading would be the fifth and sixth books, The Black Moon and The Four Swans.

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Are you ready for Poldark to return sooner rather than later, or do you think the delay is a good idea? Sound off in the comments below.