The Defenders Take an Elevator Ride and Give Us a Release Date


Although we’ve known that The Defenders would arrive this summer on Netflix, we now have a very good idea of just when we’ll see the series.

You may want to clear out some space in the middle of August for a Netflix binge-viewing session of superheroic proportions. (Well, okay, maybe not; it’s a miniseries.) We say that because we finally know when The Defenders will arrive.

With a hat tip to our sister site, Netflix Life, check out this 16-second teaser, and keep an eye on the timestamp in the upper right corner.

Granted, you can’t quite see the timestamp at the end of the clip, since Jessica Jones handles the camera with what appears to be a punch. However, as the official Twitter account confirmed, that timestamp of 08:18:20:17 does in fact reveal the release date:

Interestingly, Matt Murdock isn’t actually in costume here. We know he has his Daredevil costume already, but it appears he’s gone back to his earlier man-in-black style look, just putting on a suit instead of his stretchy black clothing he wore in season 1. Incidentally, Danny Rand is also wearing a suit and even what appears to be an actual pair of shoes! Of course, this teaser probably isn’t actual footage from the show itself. It’s likely more a somewhat funny way to confirm that yes, the show is still coming out.

That sort of humor could bode well for the show itself, though. Although they are dramas and do take themselves seriously, each of the four prequel shows have moments of levity or at least a little bit of humor.

Additionally, why exactly do they look tired or frustrated? Could that noise near the beginning be a siren of some sort? As Netflix Life noted, the building housing the elevator they’re in is also from Daredevil — it’s where the Hand was based for their digging project. Do Daredevil and Iron Fist rope Jessica Jones and Luke Cage into their investigation and conflicts with the Hand?

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That, we just don’t know. But we’re ready to see The Defenders.