Face Off All Stars Season 11 Episode 11: Watch Online


Face Off season 11 is back for episode 11 and this week’s challenge is all about aliens. Find out how to watch it live online here.

Welcome back! It’s Tuesday, so Face Off is on tonight at 9 p.m. ET. Read on to find out who went home in the last episode, which artists are left, and how you can watch this week’s challenge online.

The theme of last week’s super-team challenge was cursed covens. The seven contestants made six warring witches. The judges were pleased with all the makeups, but at this point in the competition, their decisions hinge on small details. Ben’s rat witch was good, but the others’ were just that much better. His enthusiasm has been flagging, and he’s been in bottom looks a lot, so this wasn’t a huge surprise.

Here’s who’s still around for episode 11:

  • Cig Neutron
  • Emily Serpico
  • Evan Hedges
  • George Troester
  • Logan Long
  • Tyler Green

So what are the remaining artists in for this week? To start off, they’re on their own for this one: no more super-teams. Some people do better alone than on a team, but this also means more work. I guess we shall find out who thrives and who falls apart. Hopefully no one. I really love this group of artists and I don’t want any of them to fail.

The theme for this first individual challenge is out of this world. It’s aliens! The contestants will each design an extraterrestrial member of an intergalactic congress. So even though they’re alone, they all need to come together at the end, in peace and harmony. That’s what Congresses are about, right? Peace and harmony? Let me have my dream. Meanwhile, check out this week’s sneak peek:

Not going to be around a TV tonight? Click one of the links below to watch tonight’s episode of Face Off  live online:

Date: Tuesday, April 4

Start time: 9 p.m. ET
Episode: “Intergalactic Congress”
TV Channel: Syfy
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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Face Off All Stars is on Syfy every Tuesday 9 p.m. ET. Check back later for the recap of Season 11, Episode 11, “Intergalactic Congress.”