Wonder Woman Panel Details How Chris Pine Elevates the Film as Steve Trevor


During WonderCon 2017, Warner Bros released a sneak peek of this summer’s Wonder Woman film. Here are the details of the scene between Steve and Diana.

Despite the fact that Wonder Woman‘s opening in theaters this summer (in just about two months), few details have surfaced regarding the film. Sure, we’ve seen some trailers and most of us understand the overall plot. But the internet’s not exactly spoiler city right now for this movie. And I’d say a lot of that is because of Warner Bros. and how they deal with the DCEU as a whole. Justice League‘s coming out in November and it took forever for us to see a trailer for that, too.

Luckily, this year’s WonderCon 2017 gave us a bonafide Wonder Woman panel. Again, there wasn’t a ton of new information, but at least, there was some stuff here and there. For example, CBR gave us a nice description of a scene between Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and Wonder Woman / Diana Prince (Gal Gadot).

Here’s how they tell it:

"In the brief clip, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and a disguised Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) walk through the streets of World War I-era London, and are accosted by a group of criminals. Trevor attempts to fight them off, but soon finds out that Wonder Woman is more equipped — as she dispatched them quickly, including stopping multiple bullets with her bracelets. One attempts to flee, but it stopped by Etta Candy (Lucy Davis) and her umbrella — and is then ensared by Wonder Woman’s lasso."

Apparently, this scene occurs “early” on. Of course, we’ve actually seen parts of this scene already. The scene in question occurs at about the 1:18 mark.

But the part I love most from that scene is how Chris Pine makes Steve Trevor react. There’s a touching sense of humor there that I don’t often expect from Chris Pine. It’s genuine and sweet, unlike the forced bravado of Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek films. His role as Steve Trevor feels more organic to me.

Director Patty Jenkins praised his performance too:

"“He brings the comic relief, and an incredible love story, but he also symbolizes all the depth of man.”"

Basically, the idea is this: if you’re going to put a dude in Wonder Woman‘s film, put him in like that. Make him full of depth, make him sweet, make him strong — but don’t make him shine more than Wonder Woman. Diane dispatched some guys and Steve Trevor threw a punch. It can be fun when they’re equal, operating in tandem. And it seems like Chris Pine and Gal Gadot have wonderful chemistry.

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Are you as excited to see this movie as we are? Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2.