Justice League’s Second Trailer Has Dropped! Watch Now!


The second official trailer for the Justice League movie is here!

The second trailer for Justice League has arrived, after a series of teasers for the trailer on Thursday. (Sidebar: why is that a thing?) Check out the second trailer below.

We get more of a look at the team, and each of their contributions to the Justice League. Much like the mini teasers and snippets released beforehand, each character gets a few key moments: the Flash does some poses, Batman broods atop a building, Wonder Woman hangs out in a museum full of Greek statues, and Aquaman poses menacingly.

Quite a bit of the pre-trailer promo was focused on Jason Momoa as Aquaman, and it makes sense to highlight Momoa right now. Aquaman is the first post-Justice League film to come from the DCEU, so I expect much of Justice League will be setting him up as a character and hopefully making us excited to see the full-length feature. Atlantis! Mera! Jason Momoa shirtless for two hours! It’ll be good, right?

Justice League won’t be out until November 2017, and we’ve already got our second trailer eight months in advance. Eight months! The first trailer dropped a full year out from the release date. DC is in real danger of getting into overkill territory like they did last summer with Suicide Squad. There was trailers, teaser trailers, promos, character spots, an insane press tour and non-stop coverage well before Suicide Squad’s August release date. Has no one told the DCEU less is more?

WB has also been releasing individual character posters for each member of the Justice League.

Wonder Woman is the next DCEU film we’ll be seeing, set to be released on June 2.

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Justice League will be released November 17, meaning we have months of promo left still. Get ready for seeing a lot more poorly lit superheroes!