Justice League Trailer Drops Tomorrow, Check Out the New Posters (Updated)


Justice League, the DC Extended Universe’s next Great White Hope after Wonder Woman, is working hard to get you excited for the first trailer.

The first major trailer for Justice League was announced as arriving on Saturday. As most fans know, the DCEU has been rushing pell mell to get their Avengers equivalent off the ground as the fifth movie in the franchise, only one ahead of the the aforesaid Marvel version. They’ve run over doubts about Superman’s characterization, ignored bad reviews of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, and prayed that Wonder Woman can figure it all out and save the franchise single handedly.

And now, despite the fact that the 2018 follow ups are a disaster and a half, which none actually on track to be released next year, they are pushing ahead triumphantly with Justice League, convinced they might just get it right this time.

As part of the trailer hype, yesterday saw a barrage of character posters, along with the World’s Shortest Teaser for the trailer itself. One that suggested that the movie was really Justice League: Aquaman.

Later that afternoon came another that protested “No Batman is their leader! We promise!”

And a third one that insisted “No! The Flash is cool too! We promise!”

And this morning, we got the one we really wanted this whole time.

Finally, this afternoon brought Cyborg’s video, too! Why are they rolling them out so slowly? We don’t know.

This was followed by what seemed like half a hundred posters (ok maybe just four) of said characters not in action so that we may ooh and ahh over their vague attempt at adding in things fans have said are missing from the beginning. Things like “color.”

Also codpieces. I think we all insisted they needed bigger codpieces.

Batman, since he doesn’t get a colorful costume, at least gets some sunrise to help dispel the darkness. Hey, maybe that means the sun’s out and finally it won’t rain all the time in these movies.

Look, he’s allowed to be red. That’s massive progress here.

And that’s the one we’ve been waiting for, which only arrived earlier today. Long may she reign.

If you like that suit, it’s designed by Mother BoxTM.

Five characters in search of a poster…

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The Justice League movie arrives in theaters November 17th, 2017, which is the same slot Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them occupied last year.