The DCEU Is A Mess: The Flash Edition


The Flash seems to be stuck in limbo and DC doesn’t know what to do with its new crop of movies.

Everyone’s favourite superhero movie franchise seems to have hit an unexpected and totally unprecedented hurdle!

No wait, this is the DCEU. Everything has always been a mess.

WB recently announced that Aquaman has been pushed back a few months (now the release date is December 2018), and that led i09 to wonder about The Flash.

The Flash starring Ezra Miller was set for March 16, 2018 (one year from now) and yet there’s no evidence this movie is happening anytime soon.

Promotional Image of The Flash. Image via Warner Brothers Pictures

The Flash has had a troubled history. There have been scripts passed around as early as 2004 with nothing ever sticking. With the DCEU finally coming together, WB picked The Lego Movie‘s Phil Lord and Christopher Miller to pen the script and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter writer Seth Graeme-Smith to make his directorial debut. It’s a strange combination for sure, and it almost obviously didn’t work out.

Graeme-Smith left the project and Dope director Rick Famuyiwa stepped in. The combination of Famuyiwa and Miller and Lord’s script implied they’d be going for a young, hip and funny movie for The Flash – basically nothing like the DCEU so far.

Alas, that was too good to be true and now Famuyiwa is out with no replacement director announced and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword screenwriter Joby Harold doing a new script from scratch. Remember, this movie is supposed come out next year.

Variety reporter Justin Kroll says WB wants one of their DC films to start shooting this year, but have no idea which one. The contenders are:

Considering only some of these movies have scripts/actors/directors attached, WB is being incredibly optimistic.

The Flash was the obvious choice. It was supposedly to be out before Aquaman, it has a full cast assembled and it’s young, cool factor would be a much needed draw for the DCEU. Suicide Squad was far from beloved so the sequel might not be the one to keep the excitement high. The other three don’t seem ready for production either: no cast, maybe a director attached and scripts still being written.

Basically, the DCEU still doesn’t know what it’s doing. Wonder Woman and Justice League are on their way, Aquaman is probably happening (for now) and everything else is up in the air.  The Flash is stalled, The Batman is stalled and everything else (The Rock’s Black Adam movie? Man of Steel 2?) sounds like they’re throwing ideas around to see what sticks.

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Not the best way to plan a movie universe, but hey. It’s the DCEU.