15 superhero boyfriends we wish were real life men

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Chris Pine as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman (2017). Image courtesy of Warner Brothers

Sometimes, we end up falling in love with fictional character but there isn’t enough love for superhero boyfriends! So here are our favorites.

When it comes to superhero boyfriends, there are quite a few we love. Whether it is because they’re sweet to their counterparts or because we just love them as characters, each of these men have something that we’re in love with. Because really, have you guys look at the arms on the men in superhero stories? They could take on a bear if needed.

From actual super powers to just regular guys who fell in love with fantastic women, these men have something truly special when it comes to the love department. So we’re going to look at each of them and expand upon why we love them. Because really, who doesn’t love a good romance in the middle of their action sequences?

After all, half our superheroes wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for a superhero and a mortal getting together to make another superhero. (Looking at you Huntress.) So with Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Steve Rogers and so many more, we’re taking a look at our favorite boyfriends and seeing who we’d want to date! And yes, we’ll even cover our favorite couples from their storylines. Because really, superheroes have so many love interests that sometimes they’re hard to keep track of!