Things To Remember During The 100 Season 4 Hiatus You Probably Already Forgot

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Trouble in Paradise: #Marper Edition

Harper’s drain on medical resources.

Real talk. If this show kills off Harper after making her a season regular for one season, I’m finding a table to flip. So no, I do not think she’ll die. But I do think that her story arc is about to get hella interesting. The whole dialogue about her being a potential drain of medical resources on the ship because of her dad’s death? What’s that about? What medical issue are we talking about and can our infamous Griffin ladies fix it? But then again, we do know her last name now so maybe she’s a goner? Idk.

Harper and Monty on different sides.

Speaking of Harper … The lucky few who went to Unity Days in Vancouver heard Chelsey Reist (Harper) talk about how different her and Monty’s views of the looming “end of the world” are going to be. In the last episode (season 4, episode 8), we saw that Harper was going all “balls to the wall, let’s get wasted and high on these hallucinogens drug dealer Jasper brought back” while Monty was doing what Monty does best and actually saving all of them. I’m assuming the tension will rise between the two and cause some personal problems. But remember, personal problems don’t exist during Armageddon 2.0. Or at least they shouldn’t …