25 reasons why Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation is the best

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24. Letters to Cleo

Like everything else about Ben, even his choice in music is a little weird. When it comes to his shirts, his go to ‘relaxing’ shirt was from a band. He was a Letters to Cleo shirt and we thought we would never get his love of the band explained to us.

And we were right. We never really got an explanation but we did get to see Ben flip out by seeing his favorite band live. When the Unity concert came to Pawnee to help try and unite Eagleton and Pawnee after the merger, Leslie got some pretty amazing bands.

Lucky for Ben, one of those bands happened to be Letter to Cleo and he flipped out the entire time they were performing. As one would do if they were getting to watch their favorite band perform. It was another one of those moments when Ben was like all of us. He just was enjoying his favorite band and that was it.

And really, that’s one of the things that makes Ben so charming. His passion for things makes you want to love those things and it truly is a great aspect to Parks and Recreation. It also helps that Letter to Cleo is awesome.