25 reasons why Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation is the best

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23. Congressman Ben Wyatt

Being a fan of Ben was a little hard for a while. Mainly because he was so afraid of being in charge after being the boy mayor. But then Jennifer Barkley came to him and wanted to help him run for Congress and all our dreams came true.

Here is the thing about Ben: we, as fans, want him to succeed. But he doesn’t believe in himself a lot of the time and it can be frustrating. While he is still just a fictional character, there is a level of adoration we all have for these characters that Mike Schur and company created.

So when Ben seemed to finally gain the confidence he needed to accept the offer of Jen Barkley. Of course, it is Ben Wyatt so there wasn’t ease to his accepting it either. He and Leslie had to get drunk beforehand and he left Barkley a drunk voicemail with his policies.

But either way, we’re just glad that Ben finally accepted the offer because it really made him important in a way that he wasn’t before. He was always a vibrant character but somehow, him growing from his fear of Ice Town really made Ben everything we wished for and more.