25 reasons why Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation is the best

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5. Drunk Ben

Still to this day, people talk about how great the drunk episodes of Parks and Recreation are. Because really, they’re some of the best episodes on television of all time. And when it comes to Ben Wyatt drunk, well that’s a whole different level of amazing.

For those who do not remember the glory that is Ben drunk, here are some reminders. When he got drunk on snack juice, he just continually said “baba bouee”. When he and Leslie got drunk on Halloween after she was recalled, Ben was going to get a tattoo at a pawn shop.

The best was when Donna had her dinner before her wedding and Ben got drunk while giving speeches and then called Jennifer Barkley with policy points. Those voicemails also included Leslie screaming “8675309” in the background.

Basically, the show does an amazing job with playing drunk scenes to the height of their comedy and not over doing it. They show each person and their reaction to what is going on around them and they just make some of the funniest episodes on television.

Really, it is sad that the show wasn’t on during this election. That drunk episode would have been the best.