25 reasons why Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation is the best

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6. Lord of the Rings Pen Pals

Ben and Leslie have a lot of nerdy quirks about their relationship. But one of the best is their Lord of the Rings fantasy pen pal letters. A lot of the time, it is Ben being nerdy about his things and Leslie being nerdy about hers but they never really cross over.

So when they do, we fans end up loving it. The thing about them is that a lot of the time, Leslie makes fun of Ben for all his nerdy things. In one of the first episodes with Ben in it, she teases him about his love of Star Wars.

The Lord of the Rings emails kind of came out of nowhere (a little joke when they were trying to find an email hack) but it still showed us a glimpse into their relationship that we hadn’t known before. We got to see just how willing Leslie was to be nerdy and do what Ben wanted.

And really, you know she had to listen to all his fanfiction when he wasn’t sure what his next chapter would be. Who knows! Maybe the two wrote some fanfiction together. But either way, it is still an adorable thing that these two do together.