25 reasons why Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation is the best

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4. Smallest Park

For fans of Ben and Leslie, when they were broken up was probably some of the hardest episodes of television to watch. But then we got to see the episode where they create the smallest park and all our fears went out the door.

To put the episode in context, Ben and Leslie were broken up but still had to work together. Ben was trying to distance himself while Leslie wanted to continue to work with him to keep him close. It ended up in a huge fight and this park being a disaster.

At the end of the episode, Leslie asks Ben to meet her so she can apologize and she begs him to just say “screw it” with her so they can be together. It is romantic and so sweet and reunited our favorite couple once more.

“Smallest Park” is a great episode because it really shows us just how much these two loved each other. They were miserable without one another and it took this massive fight for them to realize just how much they meant to each other.

So yes, “Smallest Park” is sad but it also gives us that amazing kiss between Ben and Leslie in the end.