Deadpool Does “Beauty And The Beast” And You’re Welcome


This parody video of Deadpool singing to the tune of Gaston from “Beauty and The Beast” isn’t a leaked scene from the “Deadpool” sequel. But we wish it was.

Has anyone shown Ryan Reynolds this amazing Beauty and the Beast/Deadpool glorious piece of art, yet? Because I’m quite sure that if so, this very same number will make it into the much anticipated Deadpool sequel, expected to hit theaters sometime in 2018 (no concrete date as of yet).

It starts with Deadpool being, well, his snarky self, and walking into a bar, trading jabs with the bartender before they break into an original music number to the tune of Beauty and The Beast’s “Gaston.”

"“You stay here, Deadpool, and it’s gonna get ugly. Real fast.”“Ooh, was that a musical cue?”"

As he fights a bunch of what we can only assume are thugs/generally not nice people around the dive bar, Deadpool sings with the voice of an angel and suddenly, the rest of us are left saying, “Gaston who?”

Two things: Beauty and The Beast would’ve needed an R rating for these lyrics and all the fighting and blood in this scene, but man, if they had, what an improvement that would’ve been for the classic children’s film remake.

We were even graced with guest appearances by Black Widow, Rogue, Psylocke, Spider-Man and Wolverine, because these fans were geniuses and we are truly blessed.

"“No one’s fun like Deadpool, shoots his gun like Deadpool.”“Heroes should not kill a ton like Deadpool.”“My kill count is really intimidating!”“Hey kill that guy, that Deadpool.”"

The non-profit, unofficial fan video was directed by Florida born filmmaker Julian Higgins, Executive Producer Michael Parker, produced by Julian Higgins, Brian Danner, Paul Bianchi and starred Parker as Deadpool (with Adam Critchlow on stunts), Mark Dugger, Monette Moio, Jennifer Wenger, Christina Benthall, Christopher Troy, Bryan Ludens and Brian Danner.

The original arrangement created for the short was done by Dirty Ink Music.

For those of you looking for something to tide you over until 2018’s Deadpool sequel finally hits theaters, we suggest playing this Tony worthy parody on loop until then. (Unfortunately, the group doesn’t seem to have done any other parody videos, which is both sad for us fans and also gives us more time to just keep watching this one. Win-win?)

Or watching the teaser trailer that was released earlier this month. That works, too.

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So, fans, what do you think? Petition for an actual musical number in Deadpool 2?