A “Deadpool 2” Rumor Got Debunked, But Let’s Discuss It Anyway


“Deadpool 2” is in pre-production and slated to open in 2018, so rumors are flying on who will be cast in what roles. This week, it’s Domino’s turn!

20th Century Fox is winning headlines this week thanks to both Deadpool 2 and Logan. And while Logan has been a critical success and dominating the box office for an R-rated superhero movie, Deadpool 2’s teaser brings us back to the present state of the X-Men cinematic universe.

I mean, the rumors have been going on for a while now, especially around who will be playing Nathan Summers, aka Cable. We’ve heard Pierce Brosnan and David Harbour, and Russell Crowe has been throwing his name into the running on Twitter.

But we also know the movie will include Domino, because she’s also largely connected to Wade in the comics. She is part of the X-Force (which we know is a future movie in the Deadpool universe). She has a telekinetic ability to affect the probability of anything in her line of sight, giving herself good luck in any given situation. But it’s a subconscious thing. She’s also an accomplished marksman and skilled at hand-to-hand combat.

Earlier it was rumored that Domino would be Kerry Washington, but this week brought Janelle Monáe into the running. That seems the pattern, that a successful actor linked to Oscar-nominated/winning films will join a superhero franchise. See: Anna Paquin way back for X-Men, more recently Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, also for X-Men.

Except that rumor was debunked on Twitter by Deadpool 2 writer Rhett Reese, which I would link to, but apparently that tweet has been deleted. Does that mean he was too early in saying no? Should we jump to conclusions?!

No, we shouldn’t: io9 has reported that Zazie Beets, who has starred in Atlanta, will take the role, and yes, Ryan Reynolds confirmed it on Twitter.

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Although Janelle Monáe would have been a fantastic choice, but Zazie Beets will also be a lot of fun.