Crayola Announces Its First Annual Crayon Hunger Games


Crayola has announced they are retiring a crayon color, and they are doing it on National Crayon Day in front of millions of onlookers.

Crayola Crayons are the most well know crayon vendor of our childhood. Originally founded back in 1885, the seller of wax sticks for children to draw with have been staples of childhoods across the United States since the beginning of the post war period.

And now, for the first time in nearly 100 years, after decades upon decades of adding colors to the Crayola portfolio, expanding their boxes from 8 to 24 to 96 to 120+, they are finally retiring a color.

But not just retiring! No, they couldn’t just have a stately announcement that one of the colors from the still-the gold standard 24 color box would be retired and everyone have a respectful moment of silence. This is after all 2017. And that means that the color that will be retired will be sacrificed in full view of an attentive audience this coming Friday on Facebook live.

Friday, for those unaware, is National Crayon Day, so it sort of makes sense for the announcement to come then. But how cruel is that to do to a crayon on their national day?

24 Crayons arrive. 23 leave.

For those who are curious which color might be up for deletion, here is an accounting of the current colors found in the 24 pack:

  • red
  • yellow
  • blue
  • brown
  • orange
  • green
  • violet
  • black
  • carnation pink
  • yellow orange
  • blue green
  • red violet
  • red orange
  • yellow green
  • blue violet
  • white
  • violet red
  • dandelion
  • cerulean
  • apricot
  • scarlet
  • green yellow
  • indigo
  • gray

Which of these colors could it be? Crayola is doing their best to make waves on Twitter.

Does this mean the retired color hasn’t been decided and we the audience at home can vote a color out of the box? More importantly, what color will replace the one voted out? It’s not like Crayola is going to start selling a 23 crayola crayon box…

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The First Annual Crayola Crayon Hunger Game will occur on Facebook Friday morning. We will report the results.