Billy On The Sesame Street: Billy Eichner Takes His Games To The Muppets


Billy Eichner takes his games to The Muppets as he does his Billy on the Street game show schtick for Sesame Street’s Season 47.

Every season of Sesame Street, the show tries to focus on a lesson plan, as all good educational television does. this may have been less obvious during the PBS era, but nowadays, under the HBO regime, these themes come ringing out loud and clear.

The big story this season, of course has been the addition of Julia, the autistic muppet who is going to be making friends with Elmo and Big Bird next month. The press release HBO put out today promises her debut on April 10th.

But she’s not the only one who found her way to where the air is sweet. Apparently Billy Eichner, who only yesterday was announced as being cast in American Horror Story has decided he needs to go to Sesame Street first, and get his dose of this season’s themes of “Kindness” and “Compassion.”

For those who might not get the parody, Billy Eichner rose to fame doing this “Billy on the Street” game show on the street of New York City, where Sesame Street is supposedly located. So it’s not the biggest stretch to assume that his game show might accidentally wander down the wrong block and turn up here.

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Having Cookie Monster as the sidekick to make his usual “For a Dollar” routine into “For a Cookie” was probably not strictly necessary. But for those who have been keeping track, Cookie Monster has been a staple of Sesame Street parodies, both prior to heading to HBO and since they settled there. So if nothing else, he’s just providing continuity.

Sesame Street airs on HBO Saturdays at 9am ET.