Watch Sia Sing S Is For Songs With Some Super Sesame Street Sidekicks


Need a little pick me up? Watch Sia and your favorite Muppets sing S is for Songs on Sesame Street and you’ll be dancing your blues away!

Sensational singer Sia sang “S Is For Songs” on Sesame Street. Since you’re here, stay and watch the show!

Yesterday, Sia joined the Sesame Street crew to sing “S Is For Songs,” which is sure to be a huge hit on kid radio. (Do kids have radios anymore?) Also, it is the newest member of my regular Friday night dance-around-the-house playlist.

Check it out here!

Sia and the Muppets sing:

"I love songs so much I want to sing songs about them!Songs that make you happy,Songs that make you proud,Songs can make you feel so good you just want to shout aloud!S is for songs and I love songs I don’t know what I’d do without ’em!I love songs so much I just sing a song about em!"

I feel that way about songs, too, Sia! And it’s a great message for kids. You can always turn to music to lift you up when you’re feeling down. In addition, songs make happiness happier, and cause fun to increase by powers of 10.

See Sia Pop

Sia didn’t start out writing fun pop songs — that was stuff she wrote for other people, like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Adele, in addition to the movie Pitch Perfect 2. The songs became huge hits, and after she started recording them herself, she became a pop sensation. Sia rejected fame. Consequently, for a few years, she went around with her face covered by wigs and bags.

But all that seems to be changing. The secretive singer realized a few years back that there is dignity and integrity to pop music, and it can be terribly important. As she told Rolling Stone,

"[After] watching the PS22 choir sing “Titanium” and then listening to the children being interviewed afterwards saying that it actually really impacted them — some of the kids were being bullied — I felt like I was jaded and cynical… I thought, “Why don’t you loosen up, you prick! This stuff that you think is cheesy is really impacting these kids around the world. Why don’t you stop being so judgmental?”"

So here’s that video of the PS22 Chorus singing “TiTaNiuM”:

Now I swear, if that doesn’t give you feels and chills you have no heart, and maybe you’re a member of the Grouch family.

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This episode of Sesame Street, “Big Bird’s Song,” re-airs on April 1, 2017 at 9:30 am ET on HBO. Furthermore, you can watch it online, anytime, with HBO On Demand (subscription required).

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