Is “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” New Tonight, March 28?


It’s (probably) the most important question this week: is “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” new? We have your answer waiting and ready!

You’ve been asking Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD this question for countless weeks. Because you’re dying for this next episode. It’s a simple question:

Is Agents of SHIELD new tonight?

The short, disappointing answer: No.

The longer, better answer: No, but it’s back next week!

That’s right, our SHIELD compatriots finally grace our screens again next week. And it’s going to be all kinds of insanity.

“Where did we leave off?” you ask. “It’s been so long since I saw any of my Marvel TV friends.” Have no fear, because we’ve got you covered!

When we last left them, Aida straight-up murdered Dr. Radcliffe and both Daisy and Simmons voluntarily went into the Framework in an attempt to save their coworkers and friends. One can only assume that because they know it’s not real, it won’t have the same effect on them.

Photo via @agentsofSHIELD’s Twitter, copyright ABC Entertainment

I mean, that has to be the case, as in the thirty seconds we saw Daisy (or probably Skye again now), her immediate thought of who fills the spot of her “boyfriend” was Lincoln. The mortified look on her face when she saw the pictures of Grant Ward means this is not her happy place.

And, you know, Simmons is apparently dead, Fitz is super rich, May works for Hydra, Mack still has his daughter, and Coulson teaches a class on fearing Inhumans.

It begs the questions of when the Framework takes place and who else we might see from the past. With it now being Hydra instead of SHIELD, we’re either post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier or Hydra took over after World War II and it’s been like this since the Forties. Peggy Carter is rolling in her grave at the thought!

Then there’s the more exciting question: Who might we see from prior seasons? If we have Ward, what’s stopping this universe from giving us Bobbi and Hunter? Or Triplett? Would they all still be working for Hydra? Probably not Hunter, as he barely worked for SHIELD as it was. And probably not Bobbi, as she’s too badass to get sucked in (unless she’s undercover again).

And seeing old familiar faces might throw Daisy and Simmons. Might they even reconsider their mission? At the very least, it will cause them pause to see old loved ones again. With the social media Agents of SHIELD has put out in this break, anything is possible!

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Tune in next Tuesday, April 4th at 10pm on ABC to see what happens!