Spring Breakin:’ The Best TV Episodes To Prime You For Warmer Weather

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“Is it Fall Yet?” – Daria

Not everybody is eager to bask in the sunshine or smell the pretty flowers, and that’s okay. If you’re just feeling “meh” about the approaching spring, no one can understand your ennui quite like Daria. She’s get’s your apathy and foul mood, and she won’t judge you for not celebrating the coming season.

“Is it Fall Yet” is the first of two film-length episodes of the animated series, and is set during the summer between the fourth and fifth seasons. Daria heads to camp, her mom’s insistence, and finds another camper whom she sees familiar attributes.

Anyone who has seen even one episode of Daria, knows that she grapples with her own existential boredom on a pretty consistent basis. While other folks are just happy for the fairer weather, Daria faces down her demons on a regular basis. This series is for those of us who just can’t muster a perma-smile or a perpetually good attitude. This can be a refreshing change for some audiences who need a dose of reality. It’s a comfort to know that somebody is looking on the darker side, even if it is Spring.