Spring Breakin:’ The Best TV Episodes To Prime You For Warmer Weather

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“And the Spring Break” – 2 Broke Girls

The premise of this show pretty much guarantees every adventure is going to fall on this side of janky. Too poor to take a real vacation, Max and Caroline accept a dog sitting job at a posh apartment, and seize the opportunity to get a little break from the waitress grind.

Although they enjoy the nice apartment of two husbands whose wedding they catered earlier in the year, Caroline is plagued my memories of her wealthy past. She’s upset by all the super lux things in the new apartment, and it just about gives up on the whole vacation. Boo hoo.

What I wish this show could’ve taken a break from is the incessant stereotypes and prejudice building. In this episode, the girls were supposed to be escaping their real lives, but they mostly just flail around, making fun of the same sex-couple who graciously agreed to let them stay.

With lazy jokes like the tutu-wearing dog named Barbara Streisand, and ‘LIZA’ for the alarm code, 2 Broke Girls aren’t giving the audience much of a break. But being too broke to travel is something I can definitely relate to, so this episode is absolutely on my Spring watch list.