Spring Breakin:’ The Best TV Episodes To Prime You For Warmer Weather

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“Spring Broke” – Greek

Who knew being in a fraternity or sorority could be so stressful? These are the most uptight bunch of college students I know. Naturally, they have to head to Myrtle Beach to let off some steam. It’s terribly burdensome being young and completely without responsibility.

But I shouldn’t be so hasty or dismissive about these poor students.They’re only doing the best they can. Right? As a reaction to the desperate struggle of being a sorority  president, Casey decides to completes her freshmen spring break list, which includes entering a contest, skinny dipping, and some drinking games. All sort of tame in comparison to some of the other Spring Breakers, she winds up completing most of the things on her list, including a sand castle contest.

This sand castle contest is a direct reference to another show on our list, Beverly Hills, 90210, and calls up the summer episode in which every bit of the BH gang suddenly acquires professional sand castle-building skills.

Rebecca’s break isn’t quite so whimsical, as she finds her father squarely in the middle of a prostitution ring. I don’t really get why Rebecca is so out of sorts.  What would a Spring Break be without hookers and sand castles?