Spring Breakin:’ The Best TV Episodes To Prime You For Warmer Weather

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“The Jet Set” – Mad Men

Nothing says “cool” like Don Draper standing poolside in a sport coat and fedora. Even though he’s the biggest lech and philanderer, he’s knows how to make everything so very chic.

When Don & Co. head to the West coast to close a deal, and Don promptly closes one of his own with the pretty and spunky Joy. I can’t really recount the sheer joy I feel seeing Don try to relax in a pool and wind up looking stiff and uncomfortable. You have to hand it to him, however. He still looks dapper and dashing, no matter how wooden he may appear.

He’s a hunk for sure, but strip him down into a good pair of madras shorts, slap some vintage sunglasses on him, and you’ve got a hunky, mod, dreamboat. What’s better in warmer weather than classically good looking men, avoiding any sense of morality, and making his way through all the California beauties? Nothing as long as the man in question is Don Draper.

His affair with the elusive Joy isn’t even the most intriguing thing about Don’s trip to Palm Springs. This particular episode also introduces Dick Whitman, and a summer mystery is born.