Spring Breakin:’ The Best TV Episodes To Prime You For Warmer Weather

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“Hawaii Bound” – The Brady Bunch

The major take away from the The Brady Bunch‘s Hawaii episode is to never, ever pick up a tiki totem, and under no circumstances are you to wear said tiki around your neck.

The family heads to Hawaii after Mike is awarded a construction job, and the whole family, Alice included, and everything was fine until Bobby had to go and ruin everything.

Hawaiian vacations are made for surfing, hula-hooping, and apparently bringing down an ancient curse upon all their heads. Once Bobby finds the tiki totem on Mike’s construction site, all hell breaks loose, beginning with Greg’s surfing accident. Other various and sundry mishaps occur, convincing the family that idol may have just have the bad juju

On the bright side, the family gets to meet Don Ho and Sam Kapu, and they learn a little about the history of Pearl Harbor. Despite the whole “cursed land” business, the Brady Hawaiian vacation is pretty good success. In fact, ABC milked this little get away for three whole episodes, filmed mostly on location. Lucky them.