Spring Breakin:’ The Best TV Episodes To Prime You For Warmer Weather

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“Spring Break” – Modern Family

The best vacations are the ones in which we can coerce our more responsible friends to act just as irresponsibly as us. On the Modern Family, “Spring Break” Haley and Alex bond over a Music Festival, the musical Cats is of far greater relevance than it should be in Cameron’s life, and Luke finds his one only talent: upstaging his dad.

While awaiting responses from colleges, Alex obsessively checks her email, becoming so preoccupied with admissions, she starts to drive herself crazy. She’s neurotic enough as it is, so her mom thinks it might be a good idea for her to blow off some steam. Claire sends Haley to an outdoor in which Haley gets drunk and the two have a fun, springy caper. Alex gets drunk, but it doesn’t do much to unravel her uptight attitude, but at least the rejection from Harvard gets kicked down the road a little. I’d rather get drunk instead of get rejected all day.

Cam continues to grate in Spring and every other season, as the pitchy, whiny king of melodrama, and has the Cats get up to prove it. He’s locked in some kind of silly battle with another teacher about song (from the musical) which mandates he strut around in full costume. His embarrassment threshold must be incredibly high.

Phil spends his break getting bested by his son in every single thing they try together. Phil gets discouraged because his little boy is growing up, and he’s becoming increasingly less relevant in his life. It’s a bittersweet thing to realize, but warmer weather is the time for a little personal growth, and this episode couches all that in the funny-but-still-kinda-sad Modern Family-way.