New Music Releases For Friday, March 24th


Welcome to this week’s edition of New Music Releases. It wouldn’t be right close out Women’s History Month without promoting some incredible female artist.

This week’s crop of new music releases is nothing but Girl Power. It just wouldn’t be right to send off Women’s History Month without telling about some ridiculously talented female artist you should know about. This week’s featured artists are relative newcomers to the industry but are ready to have their breakout moment.

Let’s look at the marvelous music these women have to offer us in this week’s new releases on March 24.

Betty Who – The Valley

Betty Who is an Australian singer-songwriter based out of New York City. Her first album Take Me When You Go had some success on the Billboard singles charts, but the album wasn’t the hit that she needed. This week she back with her album The Valley, and it’s absolutely the pop dance music you’re going to want on Friday nights. Her latest single “Some Kinda Wonderful” is what happens when late 2000’s Katy Perry and early 1990’s Kylie Minogue have a baby. It’s a fabulous mixture of pop techno come together.  I don’t think we should not sleep on Betty Who. She’s the real deal and the next big thing.

"1. The Valley2. Some Kinda Wonderful3. You Can Cry Tomorrow4. Mama Say5. Human Touch6. Free To Fly (feat. Warren G)7. Wanna Be8. Pretend You’re Missing Me9. Blue Heaven Midnight Crush10. Make You Memories11. Reunion12. Beautiful (feat. Superfruit)13. I Love You Always Forever"

RaeLynn – WildHorse

You might remember RaeLynn from 2012 season of The Voice reality show.  She made it pretty far in the competition singing some amazing country songs but didn’t take home the win. Not all was lost because soon after filming wrapped she was in the studio recording her first album. Unfortunately, due to a disagreement with her first music label, her debut album was delayed until 2017. RaeLynn parted ways with the label and found a new home with Warner Brothers Nashville. With a new label, her much-anticipated debut album WildHorse will be released this week. RaeLynn’s first song released is “Love Triangle,” and it will serve her well on the Billboard charts. It’s an excellent ballad with deep country roots. Radio stations will be burning this single up.

"1. Your Heart2. WildHorse3. Love Triangle4. Lonely Call5. Insecure6. The Apple7. Young (feat. Leeland Mooring)8. Diamonds9. Trigger10. Graveyard11. Say (feat. Dan + Shay)12. Praying for Rain"

Desperate Journalist – Grow Up

The London punk band Desperate Journalist are releasing their sophomore album called Grow Up. Ahead of the release of the album, their label Fierce Panda have already released their first album single “Be Kind.”  I will be honest, I was skeptical about this “punk” band, but they made me a believer. Lead vocalist Jo Bevan has such a beautiful tone to her voice that you cannot help but listen to her sing over and over again. In a recent interview with Quietus, Bevan states that the album is about “figuring out what being an adult is supposed to mean.” I have to say for myself, a person “adulting” for over 20 years, the album Grow Up resonates with anyone, at any age. If you give any album a chance, for me, it should be this one.  You can thank me later.

"1. Hollow2. Resolution3. Be Kind4. All Over5. Purple6. Why Are You So Boring?7. Lacking in Your Love8. Your Genius9. I Try Not To10. Oh Nina11. Radiating"

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Tell us what you think of this week’s awesome music selections.