Two New Beauty and the Beast Inspired Cosplay Musical Numbers Will Brighten Your Afternoon


The live action Beauty and the Beast has inspired fans around the world, including musician Lindsey Stirling as well as singers Traci Hines and Nick Pitera.

Beauty and the Beast may have received only middling reviews from critics in the last week, but the fans have been going wild over the release of the live action version of the 1991 movie. it’s not only inspired outfits from Hot Topic and Torrid (not to mention baby sized outfits from Disney themselves) but also some high profile cosplayers to get in on the action as well.

One of those more well known artists on the cosplay scene is violinist Lindsey Stirling. One of those early adopters of YouTube, she’s been making a name for herself with her music videos since 2007. Along with her original compositions, she’s cosplayed while playing famous songs from other high profile fandoms, including Star Wars.

Check out her take on Beauty and the Beast below.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of recreating scenes from the cartoon full out (and perhaps aiming to do so somewhat better than the live action movie) singers Traci Hines and Nick Pitera go full out in recreating the ballroom scene. Hines is known for her Disney cosplay, including many photos of herself as Belle, plus Ariel from The Little Mermaid. You can check them out on her Facebook page. Pitera is famous both for his albums, and for the fact that he’s a full time Pixar employee. You can check out his music on his Facebook page as well.

Which of the two numbers do you prefer? Personally I’m more drawn to Stirling’s, even if her extras clearly have no idea how to play their instruments.

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Which one is your favorite? Have another Beauty and the Beast video you think we should share?Sound off in the comments below!