It’s Saint Patrick’s Day — Here’s Jamie Dornan’s 41 Irish Terms for “Drunk”


It’s Saint Patrick’s Day and Friday everyone. Fifty Shades star and Irishman, Jamie Dornan, has 41 Irish Terms for “Drunk” you’re going to want to use today.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day or what I like to call the Patron Saint of green beers and bad decisions. This year St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday which makes today all the more special. As we speak, people are assembling their crew to hit the bars later tonight and get completely plastered. But are you looking to impress your friends on St. Patrick’s Day. The Fifty Shades of Grey star, Jamie Dornan has the perfect solution. Jimmy Kimmel and Dornan have joined forces to give us 41 authentic Irish phrases for the word “drunk.” You better pay attention because he goes through them quickly.

Here’s the hilarious video.

"1. Hammered2. Intoxicated3. Inebriated4. Rat-arsed5. Bladdered6. Destroyed7. Trollied8. Out of your tree9. Away with the fairies10. Squiffy11. Off your t**s12. Boiled in the bag13. Pickled14. Plastered15. Pajama’d16. Pissed as a fart17. S**t-faced18. Fermented19. Sloshed20. Curly-fried21. Three sheets to the wind22. Well-lubricated23. Half in the bag24. Hooched up25. Decimated26. Steam-pigged27. Lit up like a Christmas tree28. Moulin-rouged29. Monkey-bottomed30. Rama-lama ding-donged31. Droopy-peckered32. Fallen  off the yak33. Cheese-nozzled34. Lucky-charmed35. Fanny-packed36. Blarney-stoned37. Huffle-puffed38. Liquidly Exuberant39. F**king the waitress40. Chasing snake41. S**t-f**ked in the a**hole"

Wow. That’s quite the list. I have to say half way through the video I didn’t think he would be able to finish the video. My personal favorites are Droopy-peckered, Huffle-puffed and Pajama’d. I have to think Boiled in a bag is a subtle slam on Scotland national food Haggis because it’s gross. Whatever you decide to do while you are getting Monkey-bottomed or Pissed as a fart, please don’t drink and drive.

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I don’t see how, but did Jamie Dornan leave one off the list? Tell using the comments what your favorite term for being drunk.