FX Adds Another Ryan Murphy Show, Because Three Wasn’t Enough


2018 sounds like it will belong to Ryan Murphy on FX as a whole, because the channel has picked up another show with his writing work.

American Horror StoryAmerican Crime Story, and Feud: Bette and Joan have something in common. All three shows have Ryan Murphy all over them, and all three also happen to air on FX. Apparently, FX has realized that Murphy shows do well. They gave Feud second season before Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange appeared on screens. (It’s about Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales.) American Crime Story has two seasons in the works, one about Hurricane Katrina and the other about the murder of Gianni Versace. American Horror Story will famously tackle the election of 2016. Now, there will be another one-word Ryan Murphy show on FX. Per Deadline, it’s called Pose.

Yes, he’ll produce and write — the latter, unsurprisingly enough, with Brad Falchuk — and Deadline reports that Pose should air sometime in 2018. The name pretty clearly suggests what it is: a modeling drama. Murphy doesn’t do super clever titles, does he? However, it’s also set in the 1980s, and Deadline notes that it isn’t actually an anthology series.

Basically, that will make 2018 a very full year. TVLine has reported that ACS won’t come back until 2018, but they could air both Katrina and Versace that year based on a quote from John Landgraf, FX’s president, who said that they could air “within six months of each other.” American Horror Story‘s next premiere date is currently unknown. Feud could air its next series in 2018 as well. With all that, FX could finally have its Murphy shows actually overlapping.

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The question is: will they, or will they choose to push some shows back further instead? A second, and cheekier question, is this: should FX just call itself the Ryan Murphy network? With The Americans ending soon, their flagship series are all basically his with the vague exemption of Taboo, which somehow got a second season, and the actual exemption of Fargo.