The Good Fight Renewed for Season 2, But You’re Still Going to Have to Pay to Watch


While it seems like a premature business move, CBS decided to renew The Good Fight for a second season on its streaming service.

When The Good Fight premiered last month, it felt like the awkward twin of The Good Wife. The feeling was there, but not entirely. Personally, I doubt that The Good Wife‘s star Julianna Margulies was the missing ingredient. However, The Good Fight lacked intrigue. I didn’t worry about Diane Lockhart for a second. Or at least, I couldn’t be while I was too busy being distracted by Rose Leslie’s American accent. For the most part, the show was good enough for me to watch the first two episodes … because those were free.

But apparently, I’m in the minority, since CBS decided to renew the show for a second season already.

According to CBS Interactive’s president and chief operating officer, Marc DeBevoise:

"“We’re only a few episodes into the first season and the reaction from CBS All Access subscribers and critics alike has been phenomenal. This series and its characters are just beginning and we can’t wait to see where Robert and Michelle King, their creative team and the amazing cast take The Good Fight next.”"

Admittedly, CBS All Access subscribes are growing. And thanks to a new deal with Hulu, their service will continue to expand. Which means, hopefully by the time The Good Fight season 2 premieres next year, the $5.99 service will be worth the price.

As The Hollywood Reporter plainly spells out:

"At least in the short term, paying for CBS All Access is paying for The Good Fight and a lot of repeats, all with commercials unless you go up to the ad-free version."

Further, THR‘s closing remarks share my exact sentiment that while The Good Fight itself still runs in the same vein of the former show we all know and love, it’s unclear “whether having missed this particular above-average TV voice, in a landscape that really doesn’t lack for above-average programming, is worth” the subscription to CBS All Access.

I just don’t understand how CBS expects me to pay for a second season still. I didn’t even want to pay for the first. The buzz surrounding The Good Fight is still very quiet. Does this mean they have big plans for the show? Or do they still plan to get Star Trek off the ground? Just rely on sports?

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Subscription services are obnoxiously competitive, even beyond those catered to television or movies. For anyone who budgets, other services like Spotify or Apple Music factor in, too. So, of course, congratulations to The Good Fight, even though I’m never got to watch you again.

(Except I will miss you, Marissa Gold.)