15 times Bellamy and Clarke made us feel everything

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12. I trust you. (3.15)

"“Come on, Clarke. You are really willing to trust that guy with your life?” “No. But you’ll be covering us the entire time, and I trust you.”"

The end of season 3 was, to say the least, stressful. More and more people – nearly everyone – was sucked into the City of Light with ALIE, and Clarke, Bellamy and company were running out of options. With Luna, the last nightblood aside from Ontari, refusing to take the chip, all hope seems to be lost.

Until they run into Roan on their way back from Luna’s rig. (Well, more like he runs into Clarke in the woods. He’s good like that.) They briefly kidnap and strike a deal with the Azgeda king – he’ll get them to Polis and to Ontari, she’ll take the chip and ascend as Commander – as long as she helps them take down the City of Light.

It’s not a great plan, but it’s the best and only option they have.

When they’re on their way to Polis, Roan tells Clarke that the plan will only work if she looks like his prisoner – again – and she agrees, quickly. Bellamy, naturally – who was stabbed in the leg by Roan last time Roan actually kidnapped Clarke – isn’t happy with this plan.

Notably, Clarke isn’t either, but she trusts Bellamy, and she tells him as much.

It’s not something Bellamy is used to hearing – especially after everything that had happened that season that sat heavy on his conscience, and after the rough patch him and Clarke went through during the season. Their path back to partnership and trust took some time, but now that they’re there, they’re back to having each other’s backs.

Even for shaky life or death plans.