15 times Bellamy and Clarke made us feel everything

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13. You did good here, Bellamy. (1.13)

"“You did good here, Bellamy.” “18 dead.” “82 alive. You did good.”"

After everything, after crash landing on Earth nowhere near their landing spot, fighting against Grounders and biological warfare, acid fog and more, the 100 – well, those left – prepare to leave the dropship and their camp, the only Earth home they’ve known, to run from the impending Grounder attack that they are simply outnumbered against. It wasn’t a decision made lightly – one that Clarke fought for, and Bellamy against – but in the end, it’s what the group wanted.

As they march out of camp, Bellamy sticks behind, contemplating, remembering, when Clarke tells him he did good. Sure, it was them as a team, but he’s an equal part of their team – and when Bellamy Blake doesn’t believe in himself, Clarke Griffin always will.

It’s a long way from “whatever the hell we want” and the anarchy from the beginning. They may not have been able to save everyone or keep everyone safe and alive – but they share the burden and the responsibility, have been for quite some time. They make decisions together, and they support each other.

It’s what good leaders do.