15 times Bellamy and Clarke made us feel everything

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11. Who we are and who we need to be to survive… (1.07)

"“Clarke. Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things.”"

It wasn’t their best look, I’ll admit – torturing Lincoln for the answer to saving Finn’s life was not their finest hour, and Clarke knows that. It sits heavy on her, and she’s not the only one. But in the long run, they got their answer, and saved Finn – at the price of their moral compass. In the aftermath, as Clarke is covered in blood and in a daze, Bellamy reminds her that this doesn’t define them.

Their actions to survive, what they’ve done to keep themselves and the camp alive, does not define who they are. It just gets them to tomorrow.

It’s one of the first times we really see them there, grounding each other. When Clarke is weighing too heavy or wondering who they are, it’s Bellamy that’s there reminding her it’s okay. When Bellamy is guilt ridden or feeling insecure, it’s Clarke reminding him she believes in who he is and who he can be.

It’s what they do.