15 times Bellamy and Clarke made us feel everything

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2. Day Trip (1.08)

Day Trip was iconic for these two leaders, and was the clear marker of them becoming a fully trusting team. While away on a scavenging day trip, the two eat some bad beans that the camp had gathered that, in actuality, are causing hallucinations. After finding a bunker with guns, of all things – luck, for them, as a way to finally protect themselves – the beans start kicking in, causing them both to have their own emotionally painful hallucinations. Clarke sees her dead father, and confesses to him how hard this all is, trying to keep everyone alive, and that she’s scared.

Bellamy, on the other hand, hallucinates the people that died in the Culling as a result of him destroying Raven’s radio that could’ve prevented their deaths. He hallucinates Chancellor Jaha, who is knocking him down, taunting him, blaming him for everything, telling him he’s a monster –

Until he wakes from the dream, realizing it’s Dax (from camp) attacking him, with a gun to his face and orders from Shumway to kill Bellamy. Clarke, luckily, came to before Bellamy, and is pointing her own gun at Dax – which won’t shoot. When Dax shoots at Clarke, Bellamy lunges at him, and a struggle between them all ensues, ending with Bellamy stabbing Dax in the neck with a bullet, killing him.

He crawls his way over to Clarke, both of them a little hurt, a lot shaken, and dealing with some high emotions.

"“You’re okay.” “No, I’m not. My mother – if she knew what I’ve done, who I am…she raised my to be better. To be good. And all I do is hurt people. I’m a monster.” “Hey. You saved my life today. You may be a total ass half the time, but…I need you. We all need you. None of us would’ve survived this place without you. You want forgiveness? Fine, I’ll give it to you, you’re forgiven, okay? But you can’t run, Bellamy. You have to come back with me. You have to face it.”"

From there on out, it’s them – a team that trusts each other, that has forgiven each other. Clarke may have started the day by telling him she only wanted him to come along because she didn’t feel like being around anyone she likes – but the truth is, there was something more. She sees him for who he is, and she believes and knows he’s better than a monster. She knows he’s Bellamy Blake, a good guy who’s just been screwed over by the world again and again.

She gives him forgiveness for a fresh start, and promises to be by his side – something she proves when they get back to camp, and she orders Chancellor Jaha to grant him a pardon because none of them would still be alive if it weren’t for Bellamy. He’s earned it.

He’s good.