15 times Bellamy and Clarke made us feel everything

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3. You left me. (3.05)

Season 3 for Clarke and Bellamy was hardly all smooth sailing. With Bellamy falling in line with Pike, a Farm Station leader who believes in fighting every Grounder in sight as retribution for what Ice Nation did to his people and to the sky people in Mount Weather – Octavia runs to Clarke and Lexa after the sky people massacre a Trikru army outside their gates. Octavia informs them that it was Pike who did this, and Pike who is now running things – not Kane.

Clarke pleads with Lexa to go home and talk with Bellamy. If she can get through to him, she can stop an impeding war between the two shaky allies.

Octavia sneaks Clarke back into camp, and leads Bellamy to her so they can talk alone – something Bellamy isn’t too thrilled to do after he stormed into Polis days earlier to bring her home, and instead, she chose to stay in hopes of building an alliance with the Grounders and keeping peace.

When they finally confront each other in Camp Jaha, pent up emotions come bursting out – all hurt left on the table.

"“Bellamy, I need you. And we don’t have much time.” “You need me?” “Yes, I do. I need the guy who wouldn’t let me pull that lever in Mount Weather by myself.” “You left me. You left everyone.”"

It’s a raw moment, and despite Clarke’s tearful apology that she left them because she knew they had Bellamy, it’s not enough – Bellamy doesn’t want her leaving again, and she’s not ready to stay in Arkadia, and certainly not against her will. It’s raw, and painful to watch the two of them go head to head while wearing their pain and hearts on their sleeves, but kudos to Morley and Taylor for the emotional performances, for showing just how much these two don’t want to be angry at each other even when they are.

They work better together, and when they’re on opposite sides of the table, it all goes to hell. They’ve disagreed before – but never have they not trusted each other since they started co-leading.