15 times Bellamy and Clarke made us feel everything

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1. The List

After three seasons of struggle, a constant state of war since they’ve been on the ground with various enemies – Trikru, Ice Nation, Reapers, Mountain Men, an AI, nature – they’re finally facing an enemy that they more than likely can’t stop.


ALIE warned Clarke that the world will be ruined in six months, killing them all – the nuclear reactors left will break down and radiation will soak the planet once more. With that clock, there’s no time to find a solution, not enough resources to save everyone – and once again, Clarke and Bellamy are left with the burden of figuring who to save, and how. Raven tells them the Ark can be a safehold for some – but only 100.

So they make a list.

We see the tail end of the project – Bellamy, finally sleeping, and Clarke crying as she contemplates who the last two spots should go to, and how they even got here. She writes down Bellamy’s name after glancing at his sleeping form, going to write another name at 100 – presumably her own – before stopping herself and breaking down into tired tears.

Could we ever expect anything less? They’ll always fight for each other before they fight for themselves, and after everything, Clarke wants Bellamy to live. She could never leave him off the list – not even after he confessed earlier in the day that he wasn’t planning to be safely inside with everyone when doom came calling.

Bellamy wakes, and comes over to her, peering over her shoulder and seeing what she’d done.

"“If I’m on that list, you’re on that list.” “Bellamy, I can’t – ” “Write it down. Write it down, or I will.”"

It speaks volumes to who they are, but more so to how they value each other. They may not fight for themselves, they may not think they deserve their own absolution or forgiveness – but they each believe that the other does, and that the other deserves life, and they’ll fight for that until the very end.

They care. They care so much it hurts sometimes. And even in the darkest hours, they won’t let the other one be alone or let the world get them – they give each other hope.

"“So what now?” “Now we put it away and hope we never have to use it.” “You still have hope?” “We still breathing?”"

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