The 15 Netflix Comedy Specials We Love (or Look Forward To Loving)

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5. Bill Burr: Walk Your Way Out

Released January 31, 2017; Out Now

He may be best known for his role on the hit AMC show Breaking Bad, but Bill Burr takes all that rage that you saw in that show and packages it into a short, stout, bald-red-headed stepchild comedy special called Walk Your Way Out (out now). He didn’t earn the title “King of Rage-Filled Humor” for nothing, and in this stand up special – one of the many he has on the streaming giant – he takes on everything from late-night binge-fests at McDonald’s, gorilla sign language, and world dictators, because of course he does.

Filmed in Nashville, TN, he comes out cursing a blue streak and dives right into the Presidential Election, wherein he calls Hillary Clinton “the devil” and does a dark, hilarious version of Donald Trump, “the dope.” And as for the wall? Let’s just say he thinks that Mexico will build it to keep us out. And he’s probably right.