The 15 Netflix Comedy Specials We Love (or Look Forward To Loving)

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6. Katherine Ryan: In Trouble

Released February 14, 2017; Out Now

American audiences may not immediately recognize the name “Katherine Ryan,” as she’s a native of Canada and has her primary audience in Britain. However, with In Trouble, there’s no doubt that Katherine Ryan will quickly become a household name Stateside, as well.

Be warned, however: even though she ranks high on our list of 15 Netflix comedy specials we highly recommend, her brand of humor isn’t for everyone, and it’s far from “safe.” In fact, one of the first things she addresses in her comedy special is the “racist” comment she allegedly made in a previous special. The skit was titled “unlikely lines from a cosmetic commercial,” and rather than test on animals, Ryan joked that the company tested on children of a certain ethnicity instead. Oy! But if you like irreverent humor, Katherine Ryan’s stand-up special will leave you howling.