Top 10 Characters of The Vampire Diaries Ranked

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9. Matt Donovan

Poor Matty Blue Blue. As sweet and loyal as he was – really the golden retriever of the group, at times – Matt, being the only one of the group to be human and stay human for the entire series, never quite got any great storylines or developed beyond Elena’s ex-boyfriend and “the busboy.” Sure, he attracted the attention of just about every girl in Mystic Falls at some point or another – including Rebekah (yeah, I shipped it) and Katherine (not quite) and Katherine’s daughter Nadia (weird?) – and he always pulled through for his friends, despite his lack of supernatural powers.

But mostly, Matt was just left by the wayside, living a simple life in a simple town and missing out on all the cool storylines.

To be fair, there were plenty of moments to love. When Matt dated Caroline, and all he wanted to do was love her. Or when he showed up for Caroline when her dad died, or Elena whenever she asked – like when Alaric died (with his ring on) again, or when she needed a blood source after turning into a vampire, for which Matt blamed himself. When Matt was briefly psychic and seeing his sister Vicki’s ghost, that was tough to watch – but it was brief, and just led to trouble, so.

Unfortunately, we never truly got to see Matt become a badass, or even find happiness. He also was part of the anti-supernatural mindset which, dude, all of your friends are supernatural. Come on.