Top 10 Characters of The Vampire Diaries Ranked

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8. Tyler Lockwood

Listen, there are mixed feelings to be had regarding Tyler Lockwood. On the one hand, he was often a stereotypical jock – rude, a bully, and way too hot headed. But his storyline as a werewolf, and then as Klaus’ first successful hybrid, as well as his love story with Caroline and all the hoops they had to jump through (i.e. Klaus), he begrudgingly grew on me. He could be a good friend when he wanted to be – risking his own life and safety to save Elena from Klaus at the end of Season 3, for example – but he could be an incredible tool at other times.

I don’t hate him, but I’m not sure I’d call it love, either.

Regardless, his character progression from typical high school “lax bro” to a valued member of the group and the all around good guy was one that I enjoyed, I’ll admit. He fought against his sire bond to Klaus and trained other hybrids to do the same. He’s been a friend to Jeremy and Matt when they needed it most. He may have had a temper – but he had a heart, too.

So, yeah, it was pretty sad when Damon killed him during this last season. Rest in peace, Tyler Lockwood. You had a good run.